New York Deregulation for Gas and Energy: What it means for you

Up until 1995, New York State residents and businesses had to use the same company for their electricity and natural gas service. The utility provided all generation, sales, delivery, billing, and support services.

Energy deregulation changed this.

Now, independant competitive energy service companies, like ASC Energy Services can offer to provide commodity supply services.

When companies compete to win your business, your choices increase!

As a New York resident or business owner, you can now choose an Energy Service Company (ESCO) like ASC Energy Services the same way you’d choose a long distance carrier for your phone service.

Your local utility company will continue to deliver your energy, so there is no disruption in your service when you switch to ASC. Your utility will also continue to read your meter, send your bill, and service your lines.

Deregulation has increased competition among energy suppliers. At ASC Energy, our mission is to make sure you get reliable competitive supply service, and to help you take the hassle and complication out of finding the right energy solution for your home or business!

Contact us today and see how much money ASC Energy Services can save you.