About Us

Reliable, no-hassle natural gas or electric for your business

ASC Energy Services is authorized by the NYS Public Service Commission to sell natural gas supply service to residential and commercial customers in New York.

Our team is committed to providing competitive and reliable service!
Since deregulation began in 1995, all energy customers in New York have had the power to choose a natural gas provider that meets their needs.

While your local utility – Con Edison, National Grid, etc. – owns and maintains the lines that deliver gas to your home or business, you can select a different company – such as ASC Energy Services – to supply natural gas to the utility.

ASC Maintains low overhead costs compared to traditional utilities, to maintain competitive service.

When you switch to ASC, your utility will continue to deliver electricity and natural gas to your home or company. You’ll still call them in case of emergency. They’ll continue to bill you monthly, with ASC appearing as a line item on that bill.

Contact us today to learn how ASC Energy Services can help you switch!