Why Switch

Why You Should Switch?

Energy Costs are usually a significant expense for most businesses, commercial property owners and managers. Businesses that are able to control their expenses and manage their budgets are generally more successful. At ASC Energy Services, our clients range from small business owners, restaurants, laundromats to managers of large complexes. We’ve built a trust to help them manage this expense. We do this by reviewing your specific energy and financial goals. Then we help you choose what plan meets those goals.

Switching is Simple!

Switching to ASC Energy is seamless. The process is completely transparent – you don’t even need to call your utility. You’ll receive the same bill (the utility will pay us). There will be no interruption of service and if any emergencies arise, (if you smell gas, for example) you can still call your utility company. Start managing your energy costs now!

You Can Take Control Of Your Energy Costs!

You choose your cell phone provider, cable provider; so why not choose your energy supplier. With ASC Energy you get reliability, stability and the experience you deserve from a provider.

What Remains The Same By Switching To ASC Energy Services?

Your utility company will still continue to:

  • Deliver your commodity
  • Read your meter
  • Provide all maintenance services
  • Send you your bill and you continue to send your payment to them
  • Handle all your emergency calls 24/7

What Remains The Same By Switching To ASC Energy Services?

  • No change in your service
    Your utility will continue to deliver your gas, read your meter, provide emergency service, and issue your bill.
  • Reliability
    ASC Energy has survived in a highly competitive industry through extreme weather fluctuations and challenging economy. We’re here for the long haul!
  • Outstanding customer service
    ASC Energy is here for you to answer any of your energy questions.
  • Enrollment is simple
    Call 1-877-753-6749
  • No enrollment costs or fees